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Unipaknile Pizza Boxes

Precision in manufacturing

Unipaknile is a member of the INDEVCO group, along with Rotopak, which have over 60 years of experience in diversified manufacturing. They specialise in supplying a wide range of corrugated packaging solutions and delivery boxes. Pizza boxes from 7” to 24”, Appetiser, Parmesan, Chinese and Oriental boxes are amongst some of the takeaway packaging available from Unipak.



Flexo-Print: Ink is applied to the corrugated board directly.

Features: 3 pallet moq, cheapest option, suited to simpler artwork.





Pre-Print: Liner paper is printed before it is attached to the corrugated board.

Features: High volume required, more expensive than flexo, high quality printing.





Digital Print: Image is printed directly onto the corrugated board using a digital printer.

Features: Low volume 1 pallet MOQ, most expensive option, high quality printing.




Bespoke designs

Elevate your brand with Perco and Unipak Nile’s Bespoke Packaging Takeaway Boxes. Customizable, high-quality, and designed to impress. Get in touch to hear about how we can help.

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