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Lamb Weston

Seeing possibilities in potatoes

“Our focus is on perfect potatoes, so your focus can stay on your business”

Lamb Weston is one of the world’s largest processors of potato products. For more than 60 years, Lamb Weston has led the potato industry in innovation, introducing inventive products for customers. Their frozen fries come in all shapes and sizes – perfect for all occasions. How about their Ziggy Fries, CrissCuts or Twister Fries? When it comes to Lamb Weston, Perco are number 1 for QSR wholesalers.


Lamb Weston Fries: Your Perfect Potato Partner

Indulge in a delightful world of potato perfection with Lamb Weston’s extraordinary range of fries. Lamb Weston are your trusted partner in delivering the very best in every bite.




Pars Coated Fries: Elevating Your Fry Experience

Introducing Pars Coated Fries, the dynamic collaboration between Lamb Weston, renowned for their quality and consistency, and Perco’s fast food expertise. This dual brand combines the best of both worlds to deliver a sensational fry experience.




Speciality Fries: Fries Redefined

Indulge in a world of fries like no other with Lamb Weston’s Speciality Fries including Ziggy, Really Crunchy, Connoisseur, and Duke of Chippington – a delicious lineup of fry perfection!





Speciality Potatoes: Where Innovation Meets Flavour

From deliciously seasoned wedges to the playful spirals of twister fries, the range offers something for everyone.




Appetisers: Savour the Flavour

The range features irresistible cheesy delights, perfectly crispy onion rings and much more. Every bite is a burst of flavour.





NEW World Flavours

Lamb Weston’s NEW World Flavours appetiser range has arrived! Texas BBQ Cheese Bites, Mexico Jalapeño Cheese Bites and Cyprus Halloumi Cheese Sticks. On-trend flavours ready to be the stars of your menu. Available to order now from Perco.




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